Muscle MLK Player Profile: Emanuel Vella

In this week’s Muscle MLK Player Profile, Goaltender Emanuel Vella has some extensive playoff experience with some OHL Clubs, so we asked him how he prepares for the post-season.

How do you keep yourself healthy after a long season?

 I eat the right nutrition, making sure I’m getting protein shakes after games. Eating right is big, and drinking a lot of water is also very important. Giving your body the proper nutrition is important so it can fuel itself and keep you energized all season.

How do you find the energy to gear up for playoffs?

 It’s the culmination of a long season, so you obviously want to do really well and try to win. Pacing yourself throughout the season to make sure you keep your energy all year is really important and sponsors like Muscle MLK help a lot with that, giving us our post-game nutrition needs.

What exercises do you do to maintain health throughout the long season?

 I do a lot of stretching and take ice baths for recovery. Making sure you’re taking care of your body after you work hard is really important, and stretching adequately helps keep your muscles healthy.

Do you prep differently for playoffs?

 No, I do the same things I’ve done all season. You’re successful for a reason, so just keep that going throughout the post-season. If something’s working really well, there really isn’t a reason to change anything.

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