Muscle MLK Player Profile: Keean Washkurak

In this week’s Muscle MLK Player Profile, we sat down with Steelheads’ rookie, Keean Washkurak, to talk to him about his pre-game rituals.

When do you start preparing for a game?

 I usually start preparing right after school. I get home and then take a nap, then I’ll eat around three o’clock. After that, I’ll get ready for the game and drive to the rink with some teammates. Once I get to the rink, I like to get focused on the game.

Keean Washkurak of the Mississauga Steelheads. Photo by Aaron Bell/OHL Images
Keean Washkurak of the Mississauga Steelheads. Photo by Aaron Bell/OHL Images

Which foods do you eat on a game day?

 I change it up, depending on the day, but I’ll usually stick with chicken or salmon as a protein, and then some pasta on the side.

What is your favourite pre-game stretch?

 I like a lot of different ones, but the 90-90 is a good one for hip mobility. Making sure all of your joints and muscles are warmed up before a big game is really important and can help prevent injuries during a long season.

What is your favourite pre-game warm up exercise?

 I think my favourite warm up is when I stretch my quads. They’re obviously very important for skating, so making sure they’re warmed up properly before the game is extremely important.

How do you get pumped for a game?

 I usually listen to a lot of music; that gets me going. Anything that’s upbeat will help energize me.  One of my favourites right now is Let Me Go by Hailee Steinfeld and Florida Georgia Line.

What is one of your pre-game rituals?

 First, I grab my left shin pad, and then I’ll hang it back up, and then put my right one on. Then for my skates, I always put on my right one before my left. This is what I’ve always done and I don’t feel the need to change it.

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