Road to the Draft: NHL Combine

After a long wait, the 2016 NHL Combine has finally arrived. What better way to celebrate than with our final combine interview with Mississauga Steelheads forward, Alexander Nylander.

Nylander and teammates Michael McLeod, Nathan Bastian and Sean Day have made the journey to Buffalo, NY and are currently taking part in the week long combine. They will be participating in interviews, medical screening and fitness testing.

Last week we sat down with Michael McLeod to discuss how he was preparing himself for the combine, and this week we caught up with Alexander Nylander to find out what he has been doing to get ready.

Q: Alex, how are you preparing yourself for the combine?

A: I’ve just been focusing on training in the gym with my dad, which I do five to six times a week. I’ve been working on some of the exercises that are going to be part of the test, so I’m trying to improve on those. Basically I’m just working out every day to prepare for the combine.

Q: How have you been preparing yourself mentally?

A: I haven’t really been too stressed about it, or worried about it. My brother went through this process last year so he’s given me some advice on it. I most just focus on my training in the gym.

Q: What has your brother told you to help you prepare?

A: He’s told me that there is going to be a lot of tough questions, along with a lot of NHL teams, so to really just be ready for that. He also told me that a lot of the fitness tests are going to be hard, so of course, he told me to give my all on every single test.

Q: What are you most looking forward to at the combine?

A: I think I’m most looking forward to being able to talk to all the teams that are interested in talking to me. I think that’s going to be the most fun.

Q: Where do you think you’re going to excel?

A: The Wingate test, I think. I’ve done a lot of practice for that, and done quite well.

Q: Is there anything your nervous for?

A: No not really. I’ve gone through a similar process with the national team, so I’ve sort of been through it already.

Q: What have you been doing to prepare for the interviews?

A: I haven’t really focused too much on it. I’ve really been focusing on the getting in the gym. I’ve practiced for a few questions, but not too much. It’s not really something I’m nervous for either. I think I’ll handle it well. All of the interviews we’ve done through the season have definitely helped a lot. Now I’m more confident going into interviews, and some of the tricky questions I’ve gotten throughout the season have helped me prepare for the combine interviews.

Good luck to Alex and his teammates Michael, Nathan and Sean as they take part in the 2016 NHL Combine.

Be sure to follow your Mississauga Steelheads on Twitter and Instagram in the next few days, as we venture to the combine to give you some behind-the-scenes insight.

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