Muscle MLK Player Profile: Reagan O’Grady

In this week’s Muscle MLK Player Profile, we spoke with Steelheads’ defencemen Reagan O’Grady about his routine in the gym and how he uses his time in the gym effectively to improve his on-ice performance.

What is your favourite upper body workout?

 I like a lot of different ones, but the bench press is probably my favourite. It’s a good workout and helps strengthen your arms and chest, which are obviously important for hockey. It’s always important to strengthen the stabilizer muscles as well that support your chest, but I’d say bench press is my favourite.


How does this [the bench press] help you on the ice?

 Building upper-body strength helps me as a defenceman. It helps me clear the guys in front of the net and support my goalie, so we make sure he can see the puck coming. We always stress winning battles which often comes down to proper positions. Upper body strength really helps me win those battles along the boards.

What is your favourite lower-body workout?

 I really like the split-squat jumps. It helps you on the ice because of your explosive power and it helps you become faster on the ice. Having a strong lower-body is equally important because it helps your skating as well. As a defensive group we’re always looking to improve our skating to keep up with some of the great forwards we have in this league. Our defense are pretty quick and strong out there so it’s always good to work out with them.

What exercise helps you the most on the ice?

 I would say squats, because you have to be quick to play in the OHL and lower body exercises really help your game. Improving the strength in your legs is important because it helps you skate faster and keep up with the pace I was talking about before.

Which exercise helps improve your shot?

 Wrist curls help with your shot and help build forearm strength so you’ve got a lot of power in your shot. When it comes down to it, having that power in your shot is really important. It can help you score more goals, but more often it will help you make clean passes, clear your zone and help your guys out.

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